Famous Quotes – Christian Louboutin




…remembering simpler times :)


White Church Shoes….wow!  Remember when this spring-time staple was the highlight of your life as a little girl!!  You knew when you got to wear your “white Church shoes”, it was a special occasion.  Now, it didn’t mean you were necessarily attending an event that had anything to do with “Church”, but it was definitely just about as special.  This meant most times a new dress, wearing curls in your hair and maybe even a pretty little bow or ribbon.  Oh, and who could forget the dainty ruffled white socks.

…..oh, how special those times were.  When no one judged you because of what you chose to wear or NOT to wear.  When the little things meant so much and kids had something to look forward to.  But, it’s not too late….love each other.

….smooches. -BFlyPayne MUA-

You Are In!

……Welcome to the Society!

Here is our place girls!  The place for all us shoe lovers….we eat, sleep, breathe a good lookin’ shoe….we study them…..you get the point!  Well here is our forum!  Leave your comments freely.  Have fun! Enjoy the ride!

Don’t you just love these! So flirty and playful!